Tuesday, February 23, 2010

randomly springy

Daffodils in February? Buds on the poplar? Oh, El Niño, you wiley fox you. Shoo. I want snow just like DC.

Naruto Shippuden is the new hero of the house. He uses chi (energy) to enhance his kung fu fighting styles. Littleman is ga-ga. We are staging a look-alike contest here. Can you tell which one is Littleman?

Dō itashi mashite

('You're welcome' in Japanese.) Aimee Stein coined it "don't you touch my mustache" to help me remember. It worked... I remember. And Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs is a ridiculously funny movie.

I am not joining the ARMY. But it was fun thinking about it.

These are but a few of the examples of how life simply goes on. No matter what crazy-ness my life brings me there is always a miracle, a good time, a friend, an imagination, that reminds me it's all gonna be alright. My latest therapy: just start whistling. Amazing what happens when you whistle at everyone. (Except for that scary dude in the molester van that keeps parking across the street from my house. Don't whistle at him ;)

Everything is gonna be alright.


  1. Ammon just learned to whistle, it does make the house seem happier somehow. When Aaron heard u were thinking about the Army he said that you couldn't because it went against all that u are. He was peacefully rooting for you, we all are. Love the little man pose. Does he like Avatar the last Airbender cartoon? -Lana's fav.

  2. I think you would rock in the Army. Nobody hates fighting and war more than a soldier...little did you know that they're all pacifists.

    Love you sissy. Keep whistling.

  3. Whistle while you work, do dee do dah doo dee dooooooo.....

  4. Sarah...I just love you!!! I love reading your writing and your thoughts! Thanks for sharing! You're right...everything IS gonna be alright!