Sunday, January 31, 2010


Nine! Nine! Nine!

We skipped OMSI and hit the arcade. Like, duh.
I had the unique pleasure of hanging with Littleman all day and he didn't even get bored! Sushi for birthday dinner (I love a nine year old that loves sushi) and the only day mom does not get on Littleman's back about...

-what his hair looks like
-what clothes he is wearing out to dinner
-how much cake and ice cream he eats
-which games we play at wunderland

Happy Happy Happy HaPPY DAY!! I love you more than all the blades of grass and all the ants in all the world...


  1. I love Sarah! I love Orion! I love blogging 'cause I get to see you all! I love it! Happy Birthday 9 year old man! You rock our world, we miss you guys soooo much. Horray!

  2. This day.......

    is the greatest day of my life.

    Sarah is blogging.

    I get to see my nephew.

    I get to see my sister.

    Life is that much more complete now.

    (sniff sniff)

  3. Why was I the last to know about this? Well, you know Bex is preggers, right? Yeah...I found out today. Apparently I was again one of the last to know.

    *sigh* regardless....your blog rocks my socks. Can't wait to hear more poetry, chaos, mayhem...whatever it takes to keep you online.

  4. love your blog cousin sarah!!! thanks lizasue for letting us all know! what? bex is prego?!! no annabanana, I was the last to know.... love all you s'nosnhoj! happy birthday to orion! can't believe he's 9!

  5. No you all aren't the last to know.... We haven't even called Dan's family yet. Slackers... It all came about because of the new fam reunion dates..... just so you know. Sarah. I love the blog. Its good to see little man who is not so little anymore and to enjoy your poetry. Thanks for the posts. Love you

  6. Sarah, check out the awesome running conversation on your blog! Anna, I'm not pregnant. You are the first to know.