Saturday, April 24, 2010

Get 'er duhn

What has 18 legs, six heads and a mustache?
The Keefers in Tejas.

Yup, you heard right. The Keefers are moving. To the land of fire ants and armadillos, snake skin boots and hats that come in gallon sizes. To the land of Jobs.

Oregon is the broken toy. Tejas is still in the box. Oregon is green and lush. Tejas has scorpions. Oregon has ocean and mountains and deserts and old growth. Tejas has the Alamo. What will I miss, you ask?

The days will count down slowly. Four months seems like a long time. Then I look at my list of sh*t I have to do to my house before I rent it out, and another list of things to organize for the move, and then there are the animals, and the cars, and paperwork, and the goodbyes, and suddenly four months is not enough time.

Aaah, the goodbyes. Lets not go there quite yet.

For now we just say Ciao to Daddy Greg, as he rolls out in the Subaru with 6 of the legs, two of the heads and the mustache.

And we were just getting going again...


  1. It's not so bad Sarah....not EVERYONE wears cowboy hats and talks with a drawl - just most of us do.


  2. All right you cottin' pickin' Oregonians! You better git yourself down there and have a knee slapping, stampede of a time! So kick yor boots up and whet yor whistle for yor new adventure! Yeeeehaw!

  3. I think I'm most excited to see the shock value your living eating plan has on the texas BBQ meat requirement that all citizens must obey (except Emma.)

    Soooooo excited for you and safe travels Daddy Greg!

  4. I hate fire ants in texas. They really suck. Other than that, I think it's pretty cool that you can run over an armadillo and not kill it or see little deer in your backyard. Maybe that's why the Txns drive trucks (to really crush those poor little armadillos) and have guns (to shoot the deer?). Y'know, everything is legal in TX. that there is God's country.

  5. By the way, LOVE the nose flare on that cowboy. Has Greg been practicing?